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Cholesterol – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly


NO IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK! The GOOD refers to cholesterol and its power in supporting a healthy body, the BAD refers to the manipulation of science painting Cholesterol as a villain and the UGLY is the supporting industries of foods and pharmaceuticals profiteering from this misinformation. [...]

Cholesterol – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly2018-08-16T10:58:20+00:00

The Single Largest Nutrient Deficiency in Society


Water is the single most important nutrient in the body – you can go weeks without food but only days without water!  We are made up of 55-60% water in the body so over half our body weight is water………… Water has many roles within the body – it improves oxygen delivery to cells, [...]

The Single Largest Nutrient Deficiency in Society2018-07-05T11:58:07+00:00

One of the biggest health challenges we face is our addiction to sugar!


Its topical writing this as the “sugar tax” has recently been introduced on many sugar-based drinks, I personally hope it will reduce the exposure, especially with children, to sugar but my other fear is that it will lead us to the diet or low/no calorie options that are also very bad for our health [...]

One of the biggest health challenges we face is our addiction to sugar!2018-04-17T13:11:39+00:00

Nature produces good fats, humans produce bad fats


It’s quite ironic that most people today are lacking a good fatty acid balance in their diet, and are often deficient, which is a real cause for concern when we consider how important fats are in achieving optimum health. Fats compose about 15% of our body weight. They provide an essential energy [...]

Nature produces good fats, humans produce bad fats2018-04-03T13:38:56+00:00

What is Optimal Nutrition?


“New Year – New You” How many times have you heard that or even said it? ………………. “I’m going to start in January”, “I’ll start next week”, "ahh well maybe after the weekend”……. When it comes to health, our bodies start with every mouthful of food we eat or liquid we drink. Nutrition is [...]

What is Optimal Nutrition?2018-02-19T20:44:22+00:00

Are you optimising your health or waiting for disease?


It's the start of a New Year - a great time for an annual health check up right? Off you go to the Doctor and say "Doc give me the full work up!".  But then your results come back and everything is "normal"... but is it? Do you feel "normal"? And what does "normal" feel [...]

Are you optimising your health or waiting for disease?2018-01-12T08:04:29+00:00

Lingual Neuro Testing


Overview of the Functional Evaluation The Functional Evaluation (which is referred to throughout this site as Clinical Assessment) is a process which allows Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (NTP) to identify organ systems under stress and then prioritise support accordingly. Every organ system is surrounded by a network, whether that be a NEURO (brain), VASCULAR (blood vessel), [...]

Lingual Neuro Testing2018-01-13T08:57:09+00:00

The Hormone Orchestra


There's quite a lot to blood sugar regulation. It's a very complex and delicate system, involving the pancreas, liver, adrenal glands, and of course, the brain. Most of us these days have some level of blood sugar dysregulation going on. Unbeknown to us....... YES, MOST OF US.... EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU EAT WELL! It's [...]

The Hormone Orchestra2018-01-16T10:40:13+00:00

The Overlooked Epidemic of Male Menopause


What causes it? WHEN we think of male menopause (termed Andropause), mid-life crisis comes to mind, as a middle-aged man gradually loses his sex drive, strength, energy and enthusiasm for life. Andropause is typically thought of as a gradual decline in the hormone testosterone. Testosterones role is so much more than the cause of a [...]

The Overlooked Epidemic of Male Menopause2018-01-12T08:07:45+00:00